Welcome to the new Ferryhill Athletic website

Ferryhill Athletic Website

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a soft spot for Ferryhill Athletic. I was only 7 years old when I moved to Ferryhill with my family, but quickly took to the team.

I remember going with my dad to see Ferryhill play in the Durham Challenge Cup Final at Darlington’s Feethams ground in the early 70s. It went to a replay which was at the Brewery Field in Spennymoor where my dad had himself played for Spennymoor United in the 50s.

I pretty much never missed a home game and used to go to quite a few away games as well, on the team bus!

This website is my attempt to collect everything I can about the Athletic and have it displayed in one place. I’ll need a lot of help from those who were familiar before I was even born, but if we can pool our efforts this website can be a fitting record of Ferryhill Athletic, a club that is no more, but have won the Northern League title three times in days when the league had great players, including Booby Gurney, Brian Clough and Bob Paisley, to name but a few.

Dave O’Hara

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    • Hi Martin,

      Paul was selling his book on Ebay a few weeks back, but he said he didn’t have many left. Why not track him down on Facebook and ask him?



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